Office Security

Some of the challenges of running a co-working space lie in access control. On one hand we want to make access as convenient as possible for our members so they can access the OPENHUB 24x7. On the other hand we are running public events and want to make sure that things are safe and secure.


We are pleased to announce that H5secure has kindly installed their cloud-based office security and access control system for the OPENHUB co-working space.

Co-working members can now work securely and safely as in a good office environment.

We can now manage access via a web-browser. The H5secure solution uses off-site cloud based storage for easy access, future access and real time monitoring and review.H5secure offers a cost-effective hosted cloud-based solutions, easy system administration and low upfront installations. H5secure’s system management is easily administered through an HTML5 web browser on smartphones, tablets or pc. As a cloud/software-as-a-service based solution all front end code is written in HTML5 which allows for features to be pushed quickly and efficiently to production customers. It also features advanced reporting capabilities and alarm notifications via email or mobile phone and is actively being developed.

Thanks to H5secure the jtribe HQ and the OPENHUB community will be a safe and secure environment for all employees and co-workers. In the future we may also use the H5secure CCTV camera solution to add more peace of mind to our office environment.

About H5secure

H5secure is a web-based access control solution providing dependable, real-time security monitor and control of buildings and facilities. It provides a web-based HTML5 access control and CCTV solution with no servers, software or IT support needed.

H5secure website.